IGDA Student SIG: AMA Speaker Sign-Up

Twice every week, the IGDA invites games industry professionals to speak with students from around the world about their careers, projects, and more. These conversations are based on the popular "Ask Me Anything" (AMA) format.

How It Works:

  1. First, speakers will schedule an hour of their time to spend on our Discord server, in the #ask-me-anything channel.

  2. During the hour, students will "ask anything" — usually questions about the speaker's career, projects, and so on. A moderator will also be online, asking questions to keep the conversation moving smoothly and productively.

  3. Speakers can choose to answer questions using either voice chat or text chat. If the speaker gives us permission, then the session will be recorded and uploaded to our AMA archive.

On This Page:

  1. Sign Up As A Speaker

  2. Frequently Asked Questions

  3. About the IGDA

Sign Up As A Speaker

Speaker's Name *

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Frequently Asked Questions:

“Do I have to prepare anything in advance?”

No. Just clear your calendar and be online at the scheduled time.

“What kind of speakers are you looking for? I'm probably not a good fit.”

One of the main goals of this AMA series is to expose students to as many different career paths as possible. Breaking into the games industry is really hard. We believe students will be better prepared not by focusing on a few stereotypical career paths, but by being equipped to forge paths that are right for them.

In general, if you currently work or have previously worked around games, then you're probably a good fit. 👍 If anything, the less perfect your career situation is, the more likely we'll want you to speak.

“What about time zones?”

In general, we always try to schedule around the speakers' preferred time. We may encourage speakers to have their session at a particular time of day in order to have greater time zone diversity across all of our events, which will in turn help us better support the IGDA's global community.

“I have more questions, who should I reach out to?”

Please contact us at students@igda.org

About the IGDA

The International Game Developers Association (IGDA) is the game industry's largest professional association. The IGDA has local chapters in cities and schools around the world, and the IGDA also maintains non-regional, topic-specific communities known as Special Interest Groups (SIG's). The IGDA Student SIG is a global community of students, academics, and professionals working to help prepare students for successful careers in game development. Learn more about the IGDA.